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What is Buy 3D cbd marijuana online?

Buy 3D cbd marijuana online from Snoop Dogg’s branded line of cannabis strains was crafted with patients in mind. With a THC:CBD ratio of about 5:8, this earthy-flavored sativa is preferred for treating pain, inflammation, and muscle tension. Consumers susceptible to THC-induced anxiety may also appreciate the sobering, relaxing balance CBD has to offer.Buy 3D cbd marijuana online

3D CBD, as its name implies, is an herb that caters to the therapeutic needs of many medical users. It is rich in medicinal qualities as evidenced by its high CBD levels. Hovering around 13%, it puts patients at ease as it appeases a multitude of symptoms stemming from mental and physical afflictions.

Though more geared toward the medical marijuana community, recreational users may still enjoy the subtle, clear-headed high it induces with its 6% to 8% THC. The mental stimulation, as well as clarity, can be a source of comfort for casual enthusiasts stuck in creative slump.

The strain is part of a lineup of flowers sold under Snoop Dogg’s brand called Leafs by Snoop. Sadly, due to breeder secrecy, 3D CBD’s parents remain unknown.


Drawn in, 3D CBD washes the mouth over with its refreshing overtones of pine. Blending with are earthier, woodier undertones which are equally strong. On the exhale, the same mild mango flavor leaves a fruity aftertaste lingering hours after the last puff.

Adverse Reaction

All strains make users feel dehydrated to an extent. This is because THC inhibits the production of moisture in areas like the eyes and the mouth. Fortunately, the effects are mild and barely noticeable. Though a large percentage of users remain unbothered, those who experience discomfort may down a few glasses of water.

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